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Are you taking advantage of the rebates and incentives available for many energy related improvements for your business? Let us help you secure these rebates.

If you have purchased a new appliance in the past 12 months, or plan to in the near future, you could be eligible to get money back. Or if you manage a business with multiple locations anywhere in the US and planning new construction and renovation/replacement projects that include whole building changes, prescriptive measures, renewable energy applications, lighting, HVAC and custom modifications we can help you in locating valuable incentives to help offset the costs of your project.

We will conduct a no-risk analysis on your behalf to identify available utility rebates for local, regional, and national establishments across North America. We can help:
     • Restaurants
     • Foodservice and commercial kitchens
     • Hotels and other lodging
     • Healthcare facilities
     • Public school systems
     • Universities
     • Industrial facilities

We work with hundreds of rebate administrators, including electric and gas utilities, state-administered programs, third-party implementers, and manufacturers that offer incentives. Our proprietary database of available rebate programs is constantly updated to reflect the most current incentives available, program requirements, contact information, and applicable forms to qualify.

Most rebates are for new energy-efficient equipment, we follow a proven process to match the best equipment applications for the identified project(s) with the highest level of incentive available. We then apply for, track and acquire all rebates, and communicate along the way. As the liaison with various rebate administrators, we ensure the application of the rebate programs meets deadlines and specific organizational needs. We do the work to make sure you receive all the rebates due to your business.

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