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You are an expert in running your business, and sometimes that is an around-the-clock job. When it comes time to purchase new natural gas equipment like water heaters, kitchen ranges, fryers, and dryers you probably do not have the time needed to research the latest available models to meet your needs. Let our experts help you select the right equipment. When you purchase new equipment with the help of your Account Manager you could qualify for a convenient and affordable payment plan to pay for the equipment and the piping needed for installation.

How it Works

After an initial free consultation,* your local account manager will provide installation quotes from qualified contractors and will package them with competitive equipment costs. We will also let you know if you qualify for any energy conservation rebates that can be applied to your purchase and installation. The installer is required to be in compliance with local codes.

Here’s How We Have Helped

Request a free, no-risk consultation. Or contact your local Account Manager.

*A full site visit and credit approval are required before a final quote is provided.